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Baseball Facts And Trivia That Are Extremely Cool


Baseball as a sport has a very long history. So this article is specifically written to help you know the really cool baseball facts and trivia in order to keep you amused and knowledgeable.


  1. Billy Herman and Nellie Fox were the the last two players to achieve distinction of hitting five base run hits on the opening day of the season. Billy Herman was playing for the Chicago Cubs when he achieved this and was an NL player. Nellie Fox on the other hand achieved made this achievement in 1959 when he was playing for the Chicago White Sox. Fortunately, the Chicago White Sox won the world series that year. When it was all said and done, Nellie had a great and exciting year as he also got to be awarded the MVP award.


  1. Bill Veeck, Chicago Cubs owner, had midgets working for him as food vendors at the club's home ground. He further explained this by saying that the public did not have to have the game's view spoiled as the midgets were short.


  1. Barry Bonds achieved the feat of becoming the 17th player from the major leagues to hit his 500th home run in 2001. The unfortunate pitcher who gave Bonds and opportunity to hit his 500th run was the well known Terry Adams. Get Trivia Bliss's sports category here!


  1. You may have realized that these days almost all players wear pinstripes on their uniforms. But an exciting fact for you to know is that the very first two teams to wear pinstripes were the Giants and the Phillies back in 1911.


  1. Baseball has been around as a sport for a very long time. To prove this, you should know that the first time uniforms were worn in baseball was back in 1849. The team that wore uniforms for the first time were known as the Knickbockers, and they consisted of blue trousers, white shirts, and straw hats which were in fact perfect for sliding for home. You may also watch and gather more ideas at https://www.youtube.com/show/gamemovietrivia.


  1. Any baseball fan is well aware of the tradition of spring training. What you might not however know is that this tradition first came about in 1885 when the Chicago White Stockings visited Hot Springs in Arkansas to prepare for the new season ahead of them.


  1. Tim Cullen and Ron Hansen are two players who have very vast knowledge when it comes to team swapping. They were each traded by their teams in the month of February of 1968. This trade was original and had never been seen before in the history of baseball. Cullen was traded to the White Sox from the Senators while Hansen was traded to the Senators from the White Sox. They were later on in the month of August traded back to their original teams from which they came from. Know about TriviaBliss to know more!